Today the world seek leaders with high emotional intelligence for it is the key differentiation factor for successful leadership. Emotional intelligence is a quality of effective and able leaders who are self-aware of their emotions, able to control their emotions, empathetic towards others and maintain their emotional balance during difficult situations or challenging times.

Few qualities of an emotionally intelligent leader will be

Self-awareness – An emotionally intelligent leader would be aware of their own strengths and weakness. They would always invest in their strengths and would improvise on their weaknesses. This will help them to streamline their emotions effectively, avoid impulsive actions and give them opportunity to improvise their personality and leadership quality. 

Empathy – Leadership is a people-centric endeavor. A leader with high emotional intelligence will be able to understand the feelings & emotions of a team member and cascade to their team when required. They will be able to handle tough situations and human-relationship conflicts in a much easier and more balanced way so as to win the trust and confidence of their team.  

Conflict Resolution – Emotional intelligent leaders will always be able to handle difficult or challenging situations in a very professional and controlled manner. They will always be levelheaded, non-misled or distracted by someone’s emotions in a conflicting situation at the same time understand the circumstances and act in a wise manner. Their actions will always end up in bringing the team together and finding a common ground to resolve problems and provide solutions.

Motivation & Inspiration – Leaders with high emotional intelligence always motivate the team for they will be likened and respected by most of the team members. Their approach will foster a culture of continuous improvement and make the team members feel valued and appreciated. They will be an inspiration to people around them and the team for they always exhibit positiveness, encourage optimistic behavior and culture.

Adaptability -Emotionally intelligent leaders will be flexible in nature and be able to quickly adapt to changing situations or evolving trends. They will always be open-minded and ready to accept change. This helps them and the team to embrace change and move towards continuous innovation and growth. 


In conclusion, a people-centric approach is one of the essential qualities of leadership. A leader who is high in emotional intelligence can deal with human- relationship complexities in an efficient manner, communicate effectively, foster a team culture, inspire people, and eventually contribute to the success of the team and the organization.