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We Cruzze, Business Challenges & How are we overcoming Covid?

We Are Cruzze

Cruzze is a global IT services provider and Consulting Solutions. We offer comprehensive IT management and consultancy services to various business worldwide.

Founded in 2014, CRUZZE SOLUTIONS LLP has its headquarters in India and has come a long way from its beginnings. In our successful journey, we have expanded our business globally with our Customers spanning across USA and India.

Our Approach

We provide you the very best of services and deliver customer's vision into reality through Customer Centric Approach, Technical Excellence, Process Oriented and Adaptability.

For nearly 6+ years, Cruzze has worked in partnership with clients of all sizes from mid-market to Large Enterprises to innovate and help them achieve their vision for growth with Information Technology & consulting.

With a great proven track records, Cruzze has over 25+ employees serving more than 100 clients around the world with headquarters in India and expanded office in USA.

A Culture of “We”

We are in this together and your success is our shared inspiration. We own our final work product and take personal responsibility for creating meaningful outcomes. We continually seek to advance our business knowledge, technical expertise, and service quality because we know that as we improve ourselves, we can contribute even more meaningfully to your business objectives.

Cruzze Greatness

The spirit of our company culture mirrors how we treat our customers. We value our employees as individuals, genuinely care about knowing their stories, and strive to make Cruzze Solutions a fun and rewarding place to work, as we believe happy people working together can achieve greatness.

Throughout the years, we have grown into a prominent player in the technology industry. We have been recognized and awarded as India Top 500 Promising IT Company

Extraordinary Business Results

We help our customers make technology their competitive advantage. Guaranteed.

Our goals are your goals. We boldly envision a better future for our client organizations and then quickly set to work to make those dreams a reality. By learning about your needs and aspirations, and then designing and implementing systems to take you where you want to be – we create the real business results you deserve.

Our commitment to customer results is unmatched in the industry providing personal attention and value to every client, every time.

The People at Cruzze

Commitment to your success drives everything we do.

Our entire team is comprised of strategic problem solvers who are creative, collaborative, and take up each challenge with a positive and confident attitude.

We believe that extraordinary things happen when great people work as a team. That is why we do not settle for good; we seek greatness on every job we do performing at the highest level possible, day-in and day-out.

Our Challenges and We Cruzze a Differentiator

There are numerous firms providing the same or similar set of products and services and this has given rise to a need - the need to be different. In our commitment to deliver top notch service to our clients, we measure every delivery step down to the minutest details. We take pride in sharing with you, a few of our differentiates.

World of uncertainty, we Forecast future

We consider the target audience, your current & near future requirements, and potential needs at the time of delivery. Our expertise on multiple platforms act as surety for dependability.

World of Impossible, we deliver Guarantee

This knowledge adds to our confidence and reflects in our endeavour to offer guaranteed services.

World of Dismiss, we Value Human Expertise

We strongly believe that our employees are the biggest asset of the company which reflects in our recruitment procedure. We have a vast talent pool of cross disciplinary professionals.

World of Deal, we maintain Partnerships

Our perspective is that of yours and we use it to attain new heights for your business.

How are we overcoming Covid?
Sectorial strain due to Covid-19

The year 2019-20 has been exceptionally dealing with severe economic recession and almost all the industrial, technical and other major sectors of the county have been reporting drastic decline.

Major downfall in IT

The IT sector is India’s leading sector for economic growth. To highlight on the major impacts the IT sector has faced and is facing at present are increasing day by day. Considering the public health concern, there is a massive loss for the companies who deal with international dealers. The time taken to implement work from home and deal with the problems faced in the current work from home scenario, the productivity and the systematic culture at work is greatly hindered. Keeping in mind the spread of the virus, a lot of resourcefully essential tech conferences had to get cancelled, thereby blocking the expansion of their individual horizons through successful partnerships. There are excessive perplexities that the industry is heading. Just like “there’s light at the end of the tunnel”, the manpower that all of us are putting in will never go in vain.

Prudent measures to elevate the current situation

No one could have predicted that remote work—the subject of much controversy and debate for years—would instantly become the prevailing work format around the world. And since remote work is still relatively new for many people, some are still struggling. So, to help you get back on track in this new environment, we follow the four golden rules of remote work etiquette. So, we can see our productivity and efficiency skyrocket.

  1. Clearly define your working hours
  2. Proficient in Calls
  3. Do not engage inside activities during working hours
  4. Negotiate time and space with your at-home "co-workers
Our Dedication
We Strive on Competence We Build Teamwork

Our journey began with a simple, yet inspired belief that technology can enable bigger results for those that are willing to change. Since day one, we have been determined to make this vision a reality without fail, always seeking new ways to transform business using information technology and advanced digital solutions.