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Office 365 - A Convincing choice for Communication

Why CRUZZE opt for migration-When technology moves, Data moves

Why Cruzze Migrated to Microsoft 365?

Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s G Suite are the two leading contenders when it comes to business optimization in the Cloud. While the two platforms share a variety of similar features and applications, there are some distinct differences between the two Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) productivity platforms.

The familiarity employees have with Office 365 tools, particularly with Outlook, Word, and Excel, coupled with the considerably richer feature set, are often the major migration drivers to Office 365 from G Suite.

Cruzze Benefits of Migration to Microsoft 365
Microsoft Office 365 Performance

Microsoft (office 365) revolutionized productivity cloud platform that delivers industry-leading productivity apps like Microsoft Outlook, Teams, One Drive ,Share Point, One Note, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, along with intelligent cloud services and world-class security to bring the best collaboration and productivity. Now, all communication is through cloud server which can be accessed through any browser on a tablet, mobile or PC machine. On an account of that we have migrated from G-mail to Microsoft office 365. Like cherry on top on migration we feel the experience of genuine benefits such as

Simplified Access

Email and Web meeting are the primary mode of communication at work today. Whether it is to setup Team meetings, find more information about a contact, dial into conference calls or jump onto online meetings, Outlook and Teams are our hub.

Offline Mode

Ability to work on email without worrying whether we are connected to Internet or not and to read and respond to email just like we would when we are at our desk connected to the Internet. As the Internet connection is re-established, the email is automatically sent.

Collocate our Emails

With Outlook, we can collocate various items by which briefly, we can see how we spend our time across different areas by looking at the color coding of the events on the calendar.

Diverse ways to track email

The ability to sort email by date and size, to specify the time-frame, and to scope the places to look are all various ways to find the email when we don’t know how to describe our search. Outlook provides multiple ways to track down what we are looking for, whether its search, folders, categories, sort emails in inbox, search folders! Time saver.

Scheduling meeting rooms

Outlook lets us schedule meeting rooms, projectors, etc. Simply by adding them as a resource to our meeting. Don’t we all want someone to do that!

Calender says it all

After switching from G-mail to Outlook, we have much control over managing calendars. For example, we can decide whether to share each person’s status along with the subject for the meeting. We can also choose to share full details about each meeting including the subject, attendees, the location, etc.

Having spoken we can safely conclude that we have missed Microsoft Office 365 for a variety of reasons in the past but now the core of what Microsoft Office 365 gives us is the ability to use it in a way that makes us more collaborative and productive in our job, whether it is an administrative assistant helping the leader to be more successful or an executive sending a high importance email to the team. The choice and flexibility are what we missed the most about Outlook. But now after Migration we are proud to shout out that we are one of the happy Customers of Microsoft Office 365