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How Artificial Intelligence Transforms Various Business
A Real Transformation Happens

Artificial Intelligence (AI)refers to use of concepts like Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning, to automate tasks that are traditionally done by humans, or to perform tasks that are challenging for humans. This is done by developing models that can learn and identify patterns in data and use it to achieve the predefined goal.

Though researchin AI started in 1950s, ithas been accelerated only in the last two decades, due to the advancements in digital technologies that had led to the tremendous increase in computational power and also the advent of cloud platforms that had made implementation of AI based technologieseasier than before. It has now become ubiquitous and helps in the growth of various industries like Agriculture, Automotive,Defense,E-Commerce, Finance, Gaming, Healthcare and Space. While, it helps industries to increase their productivity, forecast demands, increase customer engagements and develop products that make intelligent decisions, it plays an indisputable role in helping researchers to make ground breaking discoveriesthat are beneficial to the mankind.

Cruzze on AI & Machine Learning
Our AI that Sense reason act and adapt

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Applications of AI in a few of the industries are discussed here

AIhas been a boon to E-Commerce industries. Starting from recommendation systems to chatbots that help increase the customer engagement levels, AI has brought a revolution in the industry. It helps in predicting the demands, identify areas of opportunities and improve customer satisfaction by giving intelligent insights.


AI helps the banking industry to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions and save millions of dollars. It plays a significant role in credit risk analysis andhelps in accurate credit scoring at a reduced time.It also helps stock traders to analyze historical data and predict the trends in the market and make strategic decisions.

Health Care

AI powered tools help in automated diagnosis of tumors, emboli or other physiological disorders from scanned images with a high precision. It also helps in drug discovery and drug delivery.The recent outbreak of a pandemic in a scale that the world has never imagined before, has thrown light on critical areas that AI can handle with ease. Starting from forecasting the spread of disease to helping the doctors with AI enabled diagnosis, AI has automated many tasks and has given actionable insights to handle the pandemic which might not have been otherwise possible.


AI helps manufacturers to improve the efficiency, detect anomalies and improvethe quality of products. It helps in predictive maintenanceof machineriesby forecasting failures and thus reduces the downtime.It also helps the industries to anticipate changes in the market and make intelligent decisions.

We must make the very best of it that we can

CruzzeSolutions, being one of the emerging leaders in the IT industry,has always kept itself abreast of the changes happening in the industry. We have proved our competence in the field of Application Developments and Analytics and now we are venturing into the most challenging and the most sought-afterfield of Artificial Intelligence. Our team is currently developing products that capture user’s sentiments from open-endedsurvey responsesand identify the polarity of their sentiments. In addition, the product is also capable of providing actionable insights based on the analyzed metrics.