Who we are

We deliver powerful innovative technologies and solutions with commitment to customer satisfaction.


In pursuit to envision, provide and develop process oriented products to suit needs of customers.


We create, implement, innovate, progress and evolve with dedication by persistent focus to deliver excellence result.

Our Story

Cruzze Solution LLP is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization providing global software solutions and services in the field of Information Technology.

Founded in 2014, Cruzze Solutions team is highly specialized in Product Development and Consulting Services. Our professional and skilled workforce have always proved distinct in understanding the business needs of the customer and develop superior products with realistic timelines.

We focus on software development and consulting, with a mission to deliver innovative technologies & service models with primary goal of customer satisfaction achieved through quality, integrity and commitment.

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Cruzze Culture


Right Attitude towards the organization, towards work and towards peers is the foundation upon which we thrive. Mutual respect, bond and trust within and between the teams has been the top priority always and with it we continuously strive to make our environment better, stronger and happier.


Each of us own a responsibility here and we aim to live up to the commitment that we have made for ourselves and so for our customers.


We believe Quality is an omnipresent parameter that should be inculcated in everything we do. We insist Quality on Time all the time as we value Time to be one of the most valuable components of all. As a team we ensure to spend quality time to discuss, plan, learn, communicate, brainstorm and deliver.


There is no change without growth and no growth without change. We have best understood this and always find our ways to create opportunities, foresee challenges, mitigate risks, compete with ourselves, invest on our strengths and grow together steadily.

Work-Life Balance

We continuously drive towards efficient work rather than more work, bring home to work rather than work from home. With affordable flexibilities, we are always in the path to create a healthier work environment and ensure a win-win for both organization and the team altogether.

Why are we perfect for your needs?

  • 15+ Products
  • 3000+ Users
  • Skilled Workforce
  • Domain Expertise
  • Consulting Way of Approach
  • An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company